Mountaineering Tips For Beginners

Mountaineering is the hobby possessed by people who love to stay close to nature and dare to test their potential against the high hills and mountains. Mountaineering is not an easy task and requires courage and strength to have it. Here are some of the tips to the mountaineers or those who are thinking of climbing mountains.

As per the nature of person his hobbies varies. Mountaineering is the hobby possessed by the adventurous people. There many beautiful and dangerous mountains which are untouched by human interference. These are some of the places were you get the experience of great the nature is. Free from pollution and daily busy schedule of materialistic life we get to know how little we know about the features of our small life. Life has different shades and we must try to get every bit of it. Mountaineering is just one step in that direction so what are you thinking just take out some free time and maintain your hobbies.

Tips for successful mountaineering

Some points that should be considered before going for mountaineering are as follows :
  1. For beginners don't rush for stiff and huge mountains. Test your strength against small altitude hills.
  2. Enthusiasm and physical strength can be related in sense that the amount of fun you will have while climbing will help to generate the body strength. Get an idea about routes you will follow.
  3. Motivation is required to complete this long journey so see what motivates you. If you are in group enjoy the tour.
  4. Examine your physical and mental strengths. Body resistance differs from person to person so avoid comparing yourself with others. You must be also technically sound to make proper use of tools with you. In order to have cardiovascular conditioning, try walking with a weighted backpack, running, biking, swimming, cross-country skiing, and stair climbing. To get strength in your upper-body try push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and indoor climbing.
  5. Dehydration is the problem most of the mountaineers face during the course of their journey. Carry enough fluids and keep drinking them regularly this will help you from getting into dehydration problems.
  6. Never overlook what your sixth sense says. Follow it or at least listen to what it is saying. Often it happens when everything looks good just like the route is in good nick, you are healthy etc, but your emotional response to the circumstances is anything but positive. If you feel you possess the potential to undermine your insight then overlook it else go with your feelings i.e. what your sixth sense feels.
  7. Well it is said that experience is the best teacher. The problems you faced during the climbing the mountains should be analyzed as to what led us to in such situation and note them down. The same mistake will definitely not repeat again.
  8. Meet some of the experienced mountaineers or certified guiding service and know about their good and bad experiences. Enquire about the necessary things required.
  9. At higher altitudes breathing becomes difficult and so learns how to face such situation. Create the habit of working at a very moderate pace for long periods of time. Go for aerobic exercises which will teach you to use our body to breathe efficiently. If you are fortunate enough to reside near mountains, getting aerobic exercise by hiking up hills, skiing, biking and so forth is best sport specific training.
  10. Learn the basic climbing techniques such as rappelling, belaying, anchor systems, climbing protection, useful climbing knots, basic rope management, and most important, basic wilderness survival.
  11. Those worried about their fitness and heart problems avoid it. Buy a heart rate monitor to note your heart rate at different altitudes. Consult your doctor or physician and perform exercise which will help you at high altitudes.
  12. Try to maintain constant rate of climbing. You can practice this if you have hills near by and see that you do at least two days from a week. Practice makes man perfect. Improve your stamina by setting new goals of increasing your work out.
  13. Carry a walkman or portable MP3 player with you to avoid getting bored and to keep your mind busy instead of collecting worries.
  14. Preferably you can go for weight training programs. This will make you more energetic and prevent you from getting into unnecessary injuries. This will for overweight people to drop some of their kilos and motivate them for the trek.

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