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Being well prepared is the most important thing, when it comes to adventure camping, because it's difficult to anticipate what's there in store for you in a relatively new terrain. The first step of being well prepared is to be ready with your camping equipment list, well in advance. A camping equipment list, no doubt, forms the backbone of a successful camping trip.

Irrespective of the fact, whether you are an amateur camper or a veteran in the field, you need to be well prepared well in advance before you set out on a camping trip. The list of camping equipment makes it easy for you to determine whether you are ready for the trip, and if not, what are you missing on?

Preparing a List of Camping Equipments Your equipment list for campingwill be determined by the following factors
  • What would be the length/day span of your camping trip?
  • Where are you going for the camping trip?
  • Which time of the year are you planning to go camping?
  • How many people are there in your group?
Once you have the concrete answers for all of the above questions, you can start enlisting the necessary camping gear. Camping Equipment List: Clothing and Shelter Clothing and shelter are deemed as the most important aspects of camping activity, especially in the case of family camping. Here are some important components of clothing and shelter you need to take into consideration when planning to go camping.
  • Tent: When choosing a camping tent, you should prefer a tent with multiple layers of some weather proof material, over a tent with single layer. Depending on the number of people in the group, you can decide the size or the number of tents required. Make sure that, at least one of you knows how to set up a tent, and carry a hammer along with you, if required.
  • Bedding: When it comes to bedding, you have several options ranging from the ordinary sneak-in sleeping bags to air mattresses. You will also require to carry pillows (inflatable), bedsheets and blankets with you, to make a comfortable bedding to sleep on.
  • Clothes: The choice of clothes you plan to take along will depend on the place you are going and the time of the year. A camping trip in winter would require you to carry sweaters with you, but if it's raining, you will require to carry along your rain-wear instead of sweaters. It's always wise to carry some extra pair of clothes and socks with you.
Camping Equipment List: 
Health and Safety Health and safety of self, as well as the other people in the group, should be your priority when camping. And therefore, your equipment list for camping should include the following items.
  • First Aid Kit: The first aid kit is the basic requirement of any outdoor adventure trip. It should ideally consist of some basic medications, roller bandages, adhesives, cotton swabs, scissors, etc. It's better to have a person, who specializes in medical field, to be with you, if not, then you would have to make up by being prepared with basic knowledge of first aid. Read more on first aid.
  • Medicaments: If anybody is either suffering from any ailments, or is allergic to anything, then it's advisable that the individual carries the prescribed medicines along.
  • Safety Equipments: Safety equipments, such as a compass, GPS device, radio phone, an army knife, a rope, lighter, match-box, safety pins, life jacket, trekking shoes should also be carried.
  • Miscellaneous: Carrying miscellaneous items, such as map of the area, binoculars, whistles and flashlights can, at times, turn out to be very useful, especially when you are out in groups.
  • Water Purifiers: It's wise to carry water purifying agent, such as Potassium Permanganate along, while going out for a camping trip.
Camping Equipment List:
Food Supplies and Cooking Equipments Although, eating whatever the nature has to offer during an outing, sounds to be adventurous in itself, but you can't depend on the nature entirely for your food supplies. And this makes it necessary to include food supplies and cooking equipments in your camping equipment checklist.
  • Fresh Water: The most important requirement when you are out on a camping trip. You would require to carry a few gallons of fresh water, even when you carry a water purifying agent along.
  • Food Supplies: The raw food supplies will include the various raw materials that would be required by you to cook food when camping.
  • Basic Ingredients: Basic ingredients, such as sugar, salt, spices, would be helpful for you when it comes to food preparation.
  • Cooking Equipments: Carrying cooking equipments, such as a grill or camp stove, and supplies, such as fuel for the stove, charcoal or wood, will make your cooking an easier affair thus giving you ample time to enjoy your camping trip.
Winter Camping Equipment List
If you are planning a camping activity in the winter, other than the above mentioned equipments, your list of camping equipment should also include:
  • Sweaters and extra pair of clothes.
  • Proper bedding with extra blankets.
  • Ice axe.
  • Snow shoes.
  • Water proof bags, etc.
When you prepare a camping gear checklist, you should ideally carry all the necessary equipments with you, but that doesn't mean you fill your bags with unnecessary items, such as novels and CDs. Your camping gear should be light, but include all the necessary items, ranging from a matchbox to light fire, to first aid kit for emergencies. Remember, a good camping equipment list, would be the one, which would make your camping trip enjoyable, yet safe!

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